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Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Generate feasibility study for self shop operating / external shop operator. Request potential shop operators. Development decision memo. Development retail concept and supplier net, concept realization, assortment and product development. Leading and support self shop operating process. Supply goods under conceptional aspects. Define revenue targets. Development of business plan, creation purchasing budget. Shop design and implementation shop design concept – construction side management and acceptance of construction work. Arrange inventory check system, billing system, personnel planning. Planning department processes. Visual merchandising for the Shop opening. Attendance operating business. Recommendation improvement potential.

Zoo Berlin / Tierpark Berlin
representation of interests Zoo/Tierpark – Shop operator – Attendance assortment concept and support. Shop concept, visual merchandising, inventory check system, staff training, local assistance, contract negotiation, development further POS concepts – conversion to realization.

Saurierpark Kleinwelka
P.O.S. concepts, P.O.S. design – tendering stage, define assortment structure by product group and item, definition of price range, preparation of purchasing budget, set up and development of supplier net, development for the 2016 Season.

The Public Institution of the Zoo Al Ain
Development of retail over-all concept for the Al Ain Zoo,

the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center and the Wildlife Park & Safari.
Project guidance, feasibility study, business plan, shop design & realization, art work design, development supplier net, visual merchandising

Zoo Hannover Service GmbH
Retail - concept of range, definition of artwork, product development, training for visual merchandising, workshop. Analysis of the inventory
management, summary for the emerging impacts, recommendation for retail security system and a frequently counter system. Artwork development for the area YUKON BAY, with merchandising products, consulting P.O.S.

Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen GmbH
Identify optimisation potential: assortment analysis, Shop structure, ERP analysis: supplier network, earnings, price evaluation.

Zoo Zagreb, Croatia
Development of retail concept, planning shop equipment, space management, recommendation of assortment improvement, improvement of supplier network.

Zoo Rostock
Retail - concept of range, artwork design, product development

Zoo Leipzig
Workshop realization, product groups by target group, work out consequences by shop extension, development of different shop designs, realization of selected shop design, preparation of tendering. Review supervision shop realization - 2014.

Regenwaldhaus Hannover
Project guidance, product development, visual merchandising,
definition of artwork

Universum Management Ges. mbH Bremen
Feasibility study, concept realization, assortment and product development, shop briefing

Sea-Life Center Oberhausen/SLC Sea Life Centre Meerwasseraquarium Betriebs GmbH
Development of business plan, assortment concept, sourcing products, assistance in shop specifications, shop set up, training visual merchandising

Phaeno Wolfsburg
Checking on technical equiptments in shop areas

Ocean Park, Bremerhaven
Development shop concept

Wolfsburg AG/ Landesgartenschau
Workshop, pre project development

Biosphäre Potsdam
Definition of business case, assortment concept, briefing of supplier, definition of artwork, visual merchendising

Tierpark Hagenbeck - Gastronomie Carl Hagenbeck GmbH
Definition of the business case, concept of range, artwork design, P.O.S. consulting, P.O.S. layout, production of merchandising collection

Ruhr Zoo Betriebsges. mbH/ Zoom Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen
Artwork development, production of merchandising line product assortment developmen for the 2015 Season, set up and development of supplier network, product selection, data analysis of the inventory check system.

Oceanis AG Wilhelmshaven
Optimizing presentation of products, visual merchandising

Sea Life Center Königswinter
Project guidance with shopfitting, training visual merchandising, range concept, personnel training, budget management

Dungeon Deutschland GmbH / Hamburg Dungeon
Assortment structure, analysis range, training visual merchandising

Holzstadt Wismar
Development of retail-/merchandising concept, development of business plan, definition of partner profiles, development of partner concepts

Greenpeace Media GmbH
Development merchandising line for cooperation with Sea Life centers in Germany, calculate turnover potential

Rock und Pop Museum
Artwork design, production of merchandising products

Betriebsgesellschaft BallinStadt GmbH
Preparation of the business plan, product mix policy, shop planning,
workshop visual merchandising, supplier research

E.I. Edutainment International GmbH
Currywurst Museum

Preparation of the business plan, product mix policy, artwork design, development assortment, production of merchandising products

Schloßhotel Lisl GmbH & Co. KG
Museum der Bayerischen Könige

Project guidance for the realisation of the museums shop concept, development of assortment concept, planning of purchasing budgert, organisation of supplier net, production of merchandising collection, visual merchandising, sales team training, organisation of opeative tasks, consulting shop fit out

AG Zoologischer Garten Köln, Cologne
Analysis of key aspects of the zoo for implementation in the assortment structure, define assortment structure, analysis of shop situation, artwork development, workshop, consulting shop concept. Development of shop design for realization.

Schwarzwälder Frelichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof
Data analysis of the inventory check system, target group definition, development of supplier net, planning/coordination of shop fit out, article booklet