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We would like to recommend KFMC as a partner for your merchandising division.

KFMC is a team of competent merchandisers with various specialities. They all have the same target: to provide you with a professional merchandising concept based on an analysis of the actual situation, and to help you implement this concept flawlessly. In every phase of cooperation you will find KFMC to be a visionary partner with its feet firmly on the ground.

We are able to offer you a choice of full service and share service. lt makes no difference whether you aim to utilise our full range of services or just specific ones - in each individual case we analyse the extent to which your organisation can be integrated into the implementation using the existing personnel structure. This is more cost effective for you and improves acceptance of a new concept - something which is highly significant during the implementation phase.
If in your organisation merchandising is not yet viewed as an important element of marketing and a profit centre, we can assure you that this will change once you have met a KFMC in person