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International Projects | References since 1998

The Public Institution of the Zoo Al Ain, UAE
Development of over all retail concept for the current and future facilities.P.O.S. concepts, P.O.S. design - tendering stage, creation of business plan. Artwork development. Development of national and international supplier net. Contacting suppliers negotiations. Onside service and office service via Hamburg

Nestlé Schweiz International
Project "Nest" Nestlé Brandland current development - development of assortment concept referring to the over all concept and content of the exhibition, considering brand strategies with branded and non branded items.

Zoo Zagreb, Croatia
Development of retail concept, planning shop equipment, space management, recommendation of assortment improvement, improvement of supplier network.

Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, South Africa
Development of retail and merchandising concept, market analysis
Cape Town/Johannesburg, set up of supplier network, conduct of negotiations, project guidance of shop development, definition of
shop story and shop fit out, monitoring of budget, recruitment of sales team, training sales team on visual merchandising

Terra Mitica, Spain
Concept of range, briefing of supplier, set up project schedule

Technorama, Switzerland
Development of the business case, product concept, structure of
range, shop concept

Swarovski Crystal Gallery / Austria
D. Swarovski Tourism Services GmbH

Preparation and realization merchandising workshop. Review
assortment due to the visitor profile. Define new product ideas and
artwork interpretations. Analyze shop layout, recommendations to
optimize visual merchandising.

Earth Explorer, Belgium / Merlin Entertainment Ltd.
Realization of merchandising concept: Development of busines plan, assortment structure, development of artwork, production
merchandising products, shop development.

Walibi Park, Belgium
Product development, structure of range, review shop design, training visual merchandising

Bobbejaanland, Belgium
Product development, structure of range, artwork design

Amsterdam Dungeon/ Merlin Entertainment Ltd.
Development shop briefing, project guidance, visual merchandising, personnel training, budget management

AIDA Cruises
Redesign retail concept, dev elopment business plan, analyze data inventory check system, structure, development assortment policy,
review supplier net, building up purchasing structure, monitor design process of shop equipment and shop design. Recruitment of
department head, define job description allover department.

Tivoli A/S, Denmark
Sample Production of merchandising collection (textile)

Conny-Land AG, Switzerland
Analyze of assortment structure, analyze inventory check system,
review structure of price range and price policy, optimize supplier net, development of assortment structure

Magna International Europe AG/ Magnolia Projektentwicklungs GmbH
Reviev of masterplan, definition of requirements to implement P.O.S., recommendation area mangement