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Center Parcs Europe
Analyses purchasing policy, development improvement arrangement, Analyses inventory management, Development key-supplier concept, Provide POS concept and design.

Skywalk Alläu Naturerlebnispark
P.O.S. design – tendering stage, P.O.S. concepts, define assortment structure by product group and item, definition of price range, preparation of purchasing budget, set up and development of supplier net.

Space Center Betriebs GmbH & Co. KG, Bremen
Development retail concept, feasibility study, concept realization, assortment and product development, coordination of licensing
with MGM and Paramount Pictures USA, review shop design to functional aspects

Warner Bros. Movie World GmbH & Co. KG
Development over all retail concept. POS strategy, Artwork design, product development, sourcing international, licensing Warner Brothers properties - direct with studios Burbank, operating the shop over two years.

Holiday Park, Hassloch - Schneiders Souvenir GmbH
Merchandising report, structure of assortment, artwork design, product

Europa Park GmbH & Co. Shopping
Logo/Icon development of the new attraction "Silver Star"

BELANTIS / Event Park GmbH & Co. KG
Development merchandising concept, definition of the business case, P.O.S. development, project guidance, definition of artwork, visual merchandising, assortment concept

Movie Park Germany GmbH & Co. KG
Restructuring retail- and merchandising concept, turning the theme Warner Bros. Movie World into Movie Park Germany. Budgeting, assortment structure, acquisition of partnerships, visual merchandising, personnel planning

Ravensburger Spieleland AG
Product development, artwork design, structure of assortment

Hollywood + Safari Park, Stukenbrock
Shop planning, visual merchandising, production of merchandising items

Panorama Park, Kirchhundem - Grevin Deutschland GmbH
Merchandising report, product development

Filmpark Babelsberg
Product development, artwork design

Madame Tussauds Deutschland GmbH
Production of merchandising products

Freizeitpark Verden
Product development, artwork design, merchandising report, visual

Babelsberg Studiotour GmbH
Product development, artwork design

Heide-Park Soltau GmbH
Product development

Ferienzentrum Schloss Dankern
POS-Analysis, artwork design, training for visual merchandising, production of merchandising items

Erlebnispark Schloss Thurn
Analysis of range, training for visual merchandising, artwork design, production of merchandising item

Karls Erdbeerhof
Product development, definition of artwork

Herrenhäuser Gärten
Artwork development, product development

Fort Fun Abenteuerland GmbH
Product development, store briefing, production of merchandising items

Bavaria Filmpark
Assortment analysis, Workshop for Shop Staff, Visual Merchandising,
improvement of supplier network, recommendation for the purchasing policy in the future, artwork development, product design.

Bullyversum / Bavaria Film
Consulting shop fit out, production of merchandising line

Stadt Hagen Evolutionspark
Merchandising Concept, Feasibility study, cost effectiveness study

Eifelpark GmbH
Production of merchandising products

Nürburgring GmbH
Artwork design, production of merchandising products

Saalfelder Feengrotten und Tourismus GmbH
Analysis of range, identification optimisation potential: product range structure, revision supplier network, shop, shop- equipment, merchandise presentation, development merchandise collection, artwork development, production merchandising collection, briefing shopfitting for the suppliers, briefing Visual Merchandising