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The existing network of suppliers extends to German, European, Asian and American contacts. These are partners who have proven their merit in terms of quality standards, accurate delivery and flexibility. On the basis of this broad supplier network, the production locations for the various articles are selected in line with the following criteria:

Trendy articles are produced in those markets with low minimum production levels and short delivery times. This reduces the risk of overstocking and permits prompt reaction to trend changes. The possibly higher purchasing price is offset by the minimal storage time, shorter capital binding and low write-off costs. The opportunity to test new products is another advantage of using suppliers with short delivery times.

It is still more cost effective to cover standard articles on the Asian markets. These products are manufactured in large quantities in order to gain price advantages. The high calculation justifies a longer storage period.

Relations with suppliers involve more than the standard customer/sales representative relationship. The sourcing department operates so-called buying engineering. We directly influence production processes in order to achieve optimal added value (example: Cross designing, multi-functional packaging). Close contacts with the production locations result in interesting product developments and, of course, advantages over competitors in terms of know-how. Quality assurance is guaranteed by a number of downstream institutional checks.