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Range Policy | In Detail

Range policy will be structured with your cooperation. New theme-related products will be developed, taking account of existing and new products. We define the scope, i.e. the depth and width of the range, because success is a consequence of a correct balance between these factors.

We will prepare made-to-measure range profiles for you, giving details of product volumes and the associated limit planning. The accurate projection of this data will enable us to give transparency to the forecast sales per product together with the calculatory results. We take account of profiling towards our customers in the contemporary nature of our range. We make use of a trend-searching team, which allows us to guarantee high levels of accuracy. This procedure is used to determine which product fields will find acceptance over a longer period of time. This is highly significant when we have to deal with a variety of target groups. Not everyone is a trendsetter and this approach helps us to avoid overkill when it comes to so-called "musts".